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I have been doing astrology readings for a long time and I work with amazingly conscious and creative people.


Men and women who are DEVOTED to self awareness, to healing and to personal growth. And even with all the inner work that these folks have done, there are still profound questions that arise in their lives that they need some help in answering like:


What is my souls purpose? I know that I have a mission and a destiny to fulfill but I am not always sure that I am on the right track.


Why is it still sometimes so difficult for me to know what I want?


How can I learn to accept and love all of myself especially those aspects of who I am that I judge and feel ashamed about?


What are my natural gifts and talents, how do I best support their growth and development and in what areas of my life can they be utilized to their fullest potential?


What is it that will allow me the greatest sense of happiness and fulfillment in my life?

A good astrology reading can answer all these questions… and more.

The type of astrology that I practice is very deep and rich and complex . Every time I do a reading it’s like being given the keys to the blueprint for this individual soul….. each chart is SO distinctive…. like a person’s fingerprint.


And it’s not at all predictive or fortunetelling. It’s a tool that allows people to hear their most profound longings and their souls mission in a very clear and compassionate way.


When I do a reading for someone they often cry because they feel so seen and understood. They get a sense of gentle, loving permission and validation to be EXACTLY who they are at a core level.

Astrology can help you with your stuck places, too!


There is always something that seems to get in the way of you manifesting the full wonderfulness that you are. Some old pattern that you keep circling around and tripping over again and again. The thing that you can’t believe is showing up yet one more time in your life.


An astrology reading can help to clarify and articulate that pattern and give you clear direction as to how to work with it, heal it and take steps to begin to move beyond it.

My readings do not put you in a box and I will never, EVER give you the feeling that you are trapped or doomed by planetary influences. Everything in your chart is there to provide you with an opportunity to learn and grow on the journey to becoming more conscious and accepting of yourself.Astrology defines and supports positive options in your life


There is no such thing as a good or bad chart or good or bad aspects in a chart. Each chart is full of an incredible amount of information that can be framed as a series of choices. How you deal with the intriguing complexities and often powerful energies that are there in your chart is always up to you.


My job is to help you to see those choices more clearly so that you can create a life that is truly yours.


A life that is full of what is most meaningful to you.

A life where you feel like you are truly in touch with your deepest hearts desire.

And a map for how to bring all of the awesomeness that is the hallmark of your essential and authentic self into full and fabulous fruition!


Some practical stuff you need to know

The information in an astrological reading is based on when and where you were born. For the reading to be most effective what I will need from you is your birthdate ( month, day and year), the exact time of your birth and the city and state where you were born ( if in the USA) or the city and country of your birth if you were born outside of the USA.


If you don’t know your birth time you might be able to get that info by tracking down your birth certificate. There’s more info about how to go about doing that here.

I will also record the reading and send you a digital copy in the mail so that you can listen to it whenever you are needing some support, insight and encouragement.

I offer three different kinds of astrology readings which I have described below.

BIRTHCHART ANALYSIS: An in depth look at major themes and issues in your life. The emphasis is on the positive, creative potential inherent in your chart, inspiring you to be all that you can be. In addition there are clear, compassionate warnings about traps and stumbling blocks that are most likely to keep you from a life well lived.


TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS: An examination of current trends, possibilities and potentials. This type of reading lets you know what the dominant planetary influences are in your life at the present time and how you can align yourself with them to your greatest advantage.


COUPLES READING: A relationship analysis of any two charts with a focus on common interactions between the two charts and how two people can best communicate and understand each other. There is also a focus on the larger potentials that the two charts create together. State where (city and state or country) where the two people met.


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